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The Local Memory Project provides tools to build collections (#localmemory) of stories for local events from local sources. We currently have public dataset of:

US         Non-US
5,992 Newspapers 6,638 Newspapers
1,061 TV stations 183 Countries
2,539 Radio stations 3,151 Cities

and two tools to help collection building

Local Memory Project - Google Chrome Extension

Helps you discovers, collect, share and archive collections of local stories from local sources.

Download the extension lmp chrome store

Sample collections

Simone Biles' return (Houston TX, USA) Protesters and Police (Norfolk VA, USA) Texas University open carry law (Austin TX, USA)
Women's march washington (Washington DC, USA) Fidel Castro (Miami FL, USA) Bathroom bill HB2 (Cary NC, USA)

Local Memory Project - Geo service

This service returns a collection of newspapers and/or tv and/or radio stations in order of proximity to a zip code for US media, or a collection of newspapsers for a city for Non-US media.

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